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Bourbon Street's Only Rooftop Bar

You’ve made it to Bourbon Street’s first and only Rooftop Bar. Once the elevator doors opens, you’re now on the third floor where your attention is immediately drawn to a colorfully painted portrait of Louis Armstrong. Beneath this musical icon floats his own words of tribute to New Orleans: “Every time I close my eyes blowing that trumpet of mine—I look right in the heart of good old New Orleans… It has given me something to live for.” The vibrant colors reverberate throughout the room like the jazz that inspired it.

From there, several glass doors open to reveal a unique outdoor oasis in the middle of Bourbon Street. The bar area contains a few tables for perching and mingling. But if you want something more intimate, the Voodoo Room is located to the left of the bar and showcases a variety of artwork by local artists.

Outside, cozy sectional couches, tables and seating that comfortably accommodates more than 50 guests. A custom fountain cheerfully bubbles with water flowing through a series of actual musical instruments. Flowing water, green foliage, open skies and delicious beverages offer blissful comfort to roof-goers. 

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